«Kinostorm» calls to creative young people

Its task is to improve the quality of created screen works. There will be organized a competition of works in three nominations «Short fiction film», «Short documentary film», «Best script».
During 5 festival days there will be organized screening and professional analysis of the films created by young authors with the help of acting Russian film directors and producers.
The participants of the festival-laboratory will attend the master classes of the XV IFF «Northern Character», as well as the main film festival events of the international Forum. Awarding of the winners will take place at the closing ceremony of the Northern Character Film Festival.
Short documentaries and feature films are accepted for the competition, as well as journalistic works. The time limit is up to 25 minutes. If your movie exceeds the time limit, you can submit a fragment.
If you would like to participate in the film lab, please fill out the application form:
The winning works will be shown in the street cinema of the festival «Northern Character». Awarding of the winners will take place at the closing ceremony of the festival
All contestants will receive branded sweatshirts and backpacks. Participants will also be able to attend master classes of the XV festival «Northern Character» and the main events of the International Forum.
«"Production Center «Northern Character» with the support of the Murmansk Region Government.